This is a project we work on for duplexsibiu.ro

We are proud to present our new http://www.duplexsibiu.ro site

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Working on seriousfun.com.ro

Hi there, we are back at working for our 2010 – 2014 client for the http://www.seriousfun.com.ro client. We are building a new interface as well as new content for all it’s customers to be and the ones that are already used to the services they provide. It’s time to look at the offers they have…

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Working on for hahn-solar

Hello, we got some new content and some changes for our client http://www.hahn-solar.com from Munich
We invite you to take a look and maybe find something interesting in the solar panel/ solar power area

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New web project lift off

During the last few weeks we worked for the Bucharest Evangelic church for their web project.

We are happy to announce http://www.evkb.ro is now live.


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Cafewien – 7 years together

Hi, I was planing to write some thoughts about our customer cafewien from Sibiu. We worked together on hundreds of materials, we are still developing their printing materials until today. It has been a journey for both teams, we had a lot to do and we still have… It was one of the best customers…

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We have lift off for kg-wolkendorf.ro

Hi there, as used by now, here is our most recent project that has a lift off – http://www.kg-wolkendorf.ro I can only recommend this place because of the beautiful area it is situated in and about the good accomodation and stay you’re gonna have there. If you ever plan to visit the surroundings of Brasov…

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Bau-se.eu announced lift-off

Hi, we are pleased to announced that we launched the first version of the bau.se.eu website.
It targets the German market and we hope it will have a great success.